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Tell Us About Yourself.

Tell you about me? I always hated that statement; in interviews, on application forms. Even in the briefings before my flights when the Purser would often ask us to tell the rest of the crew a fact about ourselves. I don’t know why I don’t enjoy answering this. After all, I’m just relaying facts: I am from England, I have an MSc in International PR, I’m a Flight Attendant, I love to read, I try to live a healthy lifestyle (though I think fairly balanced is more appropriate).

Simple when you put it that way, but I guess in conversation you don’t want to seem too stereotypical or boring. Too boastful or too humble. 

I also cringe at having to describe myself because I was always a little ashamed. I plowed through my education on top form and left with the promise of an incredible career. Yet here I am, serving food at 40,000ft. I sometimes wonder if I should hang up my wings and pursue the career I always wanted. But then I wake up in a beautiful hotel, in some random city and I sit for three hours enjoying my breakfast and reading a magazine, and I think to myself that this would never happen if I lived the 9 to 5.

The Blog 

This is why it has taken me so long to figure out my blog. I was never sure of who I wanted to portray. I’m not a career girl, but I’m not the perceived perception of a flight attendant either. I’m not wildly articulate, but I’m intelligent enough. I have an interest in the world around me, but I’m also a little bit basic. 

My blog will follow suit. It’s a lifestyle blog. My lifestyle. It’s little snippets of travel and crazy amounts of coffee. It’s 2am wake-up calls and make-up that lasts 20 hours. It’s feeling good about Mondays and not living for Fridays. It’s all about enjoying life and not worrying about work.