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Everything Is Better When It’s Customised

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with things being customised. From monogrammed towels and Cambridge Satchels to inscriptions on perfume bottles and watches. I just love the idea of something being so unique and personal. And as it is nearly that special festive season, I thought I’d throw in some customised gift ideas.

Seriously Awesome Customised Denim: L’Atelier MXG

Providing some of the most incredible denim jackets in the world, artist Margaux combines her love of fashion, design and art with her London-based label L’Atelier MXG. You can order a pre-made design, or you can get one custom-made (I’m currently pining after a light wash jacket with my logo’s nude lips across the back!!) The bespoke service starts from £300 and the pre-made start from £150.

Delivery is free in the UK and free internationally for any orders over £280. 


The Local Artisan: Twenty5Zero5

Having just launched in Dubai this year, Twenty5Zero5 is your go-to place for custom designed hats. Choose from a number of styles and colours, then add your message. I love to support local artisans and would much rather buy something from them than a store. It gives that product that something special. It is helping to fund someone’s dream, and it’s a step to wellness (read more here).


For All Your Blogging Needs: Pop & Suki

This one is more for the bloggers out there, as everything about Pop & Suki says “Instagram me”. I’m not joking. It is a bloggers dream! They sell amazing quality leather camera bags, makeup cases, card holders, notebooks and pens which can all be personalised with your name or blog. I’m thinking of making their website my boyfriends homepage. 


No Limit To Their Talent: SOH Dubai

Everything Is Better When It's Customised - www.theeverythingstatus.com - Who doesn't love customised goods

This salon in the Galleria Mall, Al Was,l is such a gem,  and one of the reasons I love Dubai so much. Not only do they offer great manicures and pedicures, but they have a customisation service. 

The previous three options all involve buying something new. At SOH, you take your loved item (it can be anything) and a member of their super talented team will paint a design onto it. A quick scroll through their Instagram page will show you how talented these girls are. And this isn’t just for the residences, if you happen to be passing through Dubai, stop by and get your Converse or passport cover customised. It will be a great souvenir or present. 

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  • Reply Dr. Elise Cohen Ho November 2, 2017 at 9:35 pm

    I like things that are very much about the person wearing or using them but I do not necessarily want initials on everything. However, there are a few key pieces that I think it is great for.

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