Thank you. I’d say I’m most proud to have taken the risk with Alma, and to get out of the comfort zone of being an employee only. Being an entrepreneur is a completely different mindset and one I am really enjoying.

What does a perfect day look like to you?

Hmm…waking up next to the person I love with a smile. Maybe doing a nature morning walk and meditation. Going to a market or farm to get fresh ingredients for the day ahead. Attending an inspiring art class followed by a salsa class or helping out at an orphanage and spending time with children. Ending the evening with a bonfire in Alma and meeting the guests of the day and listening to their stories.

What are your hopes for Alma?

We are working hard to upgrade the current place. But we hope to find the perfect permanent location and cooperation partners to establish Alma long-term – ideally even with a farm on ground.
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